"Life changing"


"Life changing"

What previous volunteers have to say

The students were very open and friendly. They were delighted with the attention they received from visitors and quick to respond with laughter. I would describe them as fun loving and affectionate. They liked to stroke our hair They were interested in and happy to try new activities.

The students responded well to their teachers instructions. The classrooms though small were neat and orderly. There were obvious routines in place.

The environment was neat and tidy and efforts had been taken to make it attractive for the students with the paintings and well cared for gardens.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 visits to Tamariki Educational Centre. What I saw was teachers who loved their children as well as educating them. I saw support staff who understood the needs of children around hygiene, cleanliness and nutrition. All this is the best environment for children to learn within.
I would recommend supporting this school financially as you can see the real benefits of that money going directly to children and therefore to their families to give them a future
Anne, October 2018

The school is amazing. Tony and his teachers are saints. What they give those children who otherwise would have NOTHING is incredible. It is also a great way in life for them as teachers and mentors. Can’t say enough about Tony and the teachers and their passion for educating those beautiful children. Can’t wait to see them all again


Tamariki Education Centre is doing a wonderful job educating children who may otherwise not have a chance to attend school. It’s a joy to see even the littlest ones so engaged in their learning and a credit to all the caring staff that they’re getting great results. The school is based in humble buildings and has limited equipment and facilities, but the commitment of the teachers and the school’s many supporters means it’s constantly moving forward towards an even brighter future for these children